About Dave’s

Dave's Bike Shop

Dave’s Bike Shop was founded on the belief that people should experience bicycling in the best way possible, and here at Dave’s, we make that a priority. Bicycling is more of a lifestyle than a hobby, and we try to reflect that in our work.
All of our family and employees regularly participate in all kinds of bicycling activities, such as mountain biking, road cycling, bikepacking, gravel biking, commuting, snow riding and more. Dave and his employees have had first-hand experience with most all of our products. Every customer has different bicycling needs and we take pride in knowing we can provide a meaningful experience for every and any rider at every and any stage.
We offer custom bicycle fittings to ensure the bicycle is adjusted to you, and not the other way around. After many years of fulfilling bicycling needs in the Southeast Idaho area, we look forward to many more  years as we continue to create and cultivate relationships with you as friends and many other customers. Thank you



Bicycling tip: Wipe your chain weekly and add lube only when it squeaks.



Bicycling tip: When commuting, think safety and be a defensive rider.  Use reflective clothing, lights and helmets.



Bicycling tip: Find out your mechanic’s favorite kind of cookies.



Bicycling tip: If you’re riding single track, don’t let your mind wander.  Focus on your lines.



Bicycling tip: Snacks and padded shorts are highly recommended.